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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Andrew is already on the move!

Week 2 of Andrew's life proved very eventful. On our first attempt to start "tummy time," Andrew within a minute of being on his tummy rolled from his tummy onto his back. Ben and I were amazed! This task which took Caroline a whopping 7 months to master only took Andrew days. We thought it was just a fluke at first and that folks wouldn't even believe us...but every single time we put Andrew on his tummy, he just rolls can someone tell me how we are to accomplish tummy time or if he even needs it? Last week, we managed to capture this milestone on video (see above). Caroline of course wanted to join in the fun, so you'll be amused by how our TWO "babies" can rollover :)


As of last Friday Andrew weighed in at 7.03 lbs...still not up to his birth weight of 7lbs 10oz. I am supplementing an ounce of formula with each feeding and we have another checkup tomorrow. He looks to be gaining some weight. His face seems a bit fuller and he actually has a little bit of meat on his legs (as opposed to the skeleton legs he had last week). He is a great eater, so I can't imagine that he is not picking up weight (I'll keep you updated).

Andrew is now sleeping 5 hours and then 3 hours at a time during the night. He is also staying awake a bit more between feedings. Aside from rolling over, he has also started batting his toy on his car seat carrier and his sporadic smiles are coming more frequently (love those). He is a bit gassy these days and the bubbles in his tummy sound just pitiful (I plan to check w/ the doc about this). So far, he appears to be even more laid back than Caroline was as a baby (very few crying spells and he even deals well w/ his constant tummy bubbles, hiccups and blowouts).

Score on diaper changing sprays (to date):

Ben: 2 (too slow during diaper changings)

Barbara: 1 (diaper wasn't fixed right and he peed out the side during a feeding -- yep, even my jeans got wet).


Caroline continues to be a great BIG Sister -- fetching diapers, holding Andrew's paci in his mouth, bringing Andrew toys and looking after him when they ride in the back seat together. She genuinely LOVES her brother. Caroline likes to call him "Baby An-rew" (I wonder how long that will last...wouldn't it be funny if she still calls him this when they are older--doubt it will stick).

Balancing two is fairly easy at this point, especially when one sleeps all of the time (Andrew) and the other sleeps all through the night and takes great naps (Caroline). Most of our attention is actually devoted to Caroline at this point since she has recently found her free will :). This week's challenge: Caroline can lock and unlock doors. She is helpful with this new skill (she loves letting Dixie out the back door); but unfortunately, she likes to use her new found skill without permission. This week's conversation went something like this:

(Caroline unlocks the back door)

Caroline: Dixie wanna go outside? you go (door opens then slams and is locked)

Ben: Caroline, you can't let Dixie out without mommy or daddy's permission (daddy goes and calls Dixie back inside). Caroline, do you understand.

Caroline: But, Dixie wanted to go outside. I can let her outside all by myselfs. (yes, she adds and "s" sound to the end of myself).

Ben: Caroline, what did daddy tell you. If you do it again, you are going to time out. Do you want to go to time out?

Caroline: Yes, I go to timeout.

Ben: I said if you do it again, you are going to time out. Understand.

Caroline: Crying, but I do wanna go to timeout!! (now total meltdown phase).

Oh, the joys of a 2 yr old! And the other fun announcement this week: when we go to change her diaper (which we are trying to head toward potty training)...Caroline: But I do wanna wear a dirty diaper! (Argh!!) Gotta love 'em!


I enjoyed my first outing with the two kiddos this past week by venturing out to the mall to grab a quick bite to eat with my mom. Fortunately, I was meeting my mom, because after lunch I returned to head home and discovered my van battery was dead--what luck! (and I was blocked in on all sides so I couldn't even have it jumped off). So on my first outing, my mom had the pleasure of getting to shuttle us all back to my house--thanks mom!


This week Andrew also got to meet his Aunt Ansley and Uncle Larry. I don't think I have ever seen two people enjoy holding a baby as much as they did -- my how your emotions and feelings change toward babies when you are expecting one of your own! Aunt Ansley is 17 weeks pregnant and looked beautiful as ever...she definitely has the prego glow. We can't wait to hear the gender of baby Mays in a few weeks. This is definitely shaping up to be an exciting year for our family.

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