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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hilton Head 2009 Part I

We were fortunate to get to continue our beach trip tradition with my family this year. The destination we chose was Hilton Head. We chose Hilton Head for two primary reasons: 1) shorter drive w/ 2 kids and 2) close to Savannah for my 34 week pregnant sis-in-law (which is where her doctor is located). We couldn't have asked for a better location and ammenities. Our condo was HUGE and convenient to everything. We enjoyed spending time with family, playing in the sun and making memories with Caroline and Andrew. Sorry this post has taken me a week to upload but when you take nearly 1,000 pictures sifting through them is quite a challenge :) This post will be my first of two. The slide show is of our beach portraits (w/ Ben and I serving as the photographers--hee-hee). We tried to get a family photo but w/ a 2 yr old and a self-timer none of them really turned out (both kids crying, Caroline running off, or wind blowing hair everywhere). Yes, it was quite windy when these pictures were taken so let me go ahead and apologize for my crazy hair (of course Caroline's looked quite pretty - she doesn't get that from me). Enjoy the slideshow and check back for post #2 which will include our candid beach and pool pictures from the week.

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