The purpose of our family blog is to share our life journey with family and friends. Our family consists of Ben and Barbara (married Dec 2002), Caroline (born Sept 2006), Andrew (born Feb 2009) and Dixie (our dog). We hope that you will enjoy following us and all of our adventures and mishaps!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Gimme' That Spoon!

Happy 1/2 Year Birthday Andrew! To celebrate Andrew's 6 month milestone, we gave him rice cereal (cake flavored of course). As you can see in the video, he was very interested in getting the spoon to his mouth. He wasn't so sure he liked the taste of rice cereal though. Because the rice cereal was so bland, we switched his morning feeding to oatmeal the second week. He is now enjoying oatmeal with mashed bananas each morning. We need to add a vegetable this week. We're thinking about starting him with some fresh, sweet potatoes (which is what we started Caroline with). Andrew weighed 18 lbs 11 oz at his 6 month check-up which was on Aug 21st. He is in the 70th+ percentiles for both weight and height. One would think he would enjoy eating, but he really has been less interested in solid foods than I would have imagined he would be.

He is developing into quite the lil' talker. He has a real deep grunt that he likes to use when he is serious and he smiles almost all of the time. He is still ticklish on his inner thigh and feet. He is completely sitting up on his own and enjoys playing in his excersaucer and playing with toys. Andrew is still fond of his hands and will suck one or all of his fingers at once. On occassion, he has even been known to suck other peoples hands, necks or arms (he just likes anything in his mouth- aside from a paci). He is a pure joy to be around and is doing well with his 8 pm bedtime. He now sleeps twelve hours a day. Bathtime is also becoming more fun (especially now that he can sit up). Of course his biggest fan is still Caroline. The two of them have so much fun together!

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