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Monday, May 9, 2011

Our Pirate Gets Her Patch!

On April 13th, I took Caroline to a pediatric opthomologist (aka fancy eye doctor). We went to have her eyes re-evaluated after wearing prescription eye glasses for six months. Our optometrist suggested we go see Dr. Salit due to the fact that Caroline is so young and in glasses. Well, the good news is the opthomologist agreed with the optometrist's prescription (20/40 left eye and 20/60 right eye) along with a lazy eye (the right eye) concern. The bad news, the appointement lasted over 2-1/2 hours!! I wish I had a picture of Caroline's eyes when they were dialated - they were quite scary!! The prognosis from this visit was for Caroline to continue wearing her glasses and to patch left eye (aka the better eye) for two months to see if it helps to strengthen her right eye (aka lazy eye).

I wasn't sure how Caroline would take wearing a patch, but we were excited to learn that a company called Krafty Eye Patches specializes in getting children to "want" to wear their patch. I got online and with Caroline's help we ordered purple and pink patches along with glitter jewels (butterflies, hearts & flowers) and laser stickers. Caroline was so excited when her special package arrived!

This is not the best picture of Caroline but it does help to show her excitement. I'll have to add a picture of her with her patch on. She typically wears her patch at home, but we are open to having her wear her patch out in public whenever she suggests it (just in case at the 2 month check-up we find out prolonged use of the patch is in order).

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The Bayham Family said...

Beau and Abbie BOTH had to patch for several months. And it helped both of them! Abbie no longer has a "lazy eye," and I don't think Beau does either. Oh, and their patches weren't near as cool as Caroline's!