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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

And Now She Knows!

Last Wednesday on the way to church,  Caroline was talking about babies.  She has never been into baby dolls, but lately she has developed a new love for them.  With her new interest comes many questions.

Caroline:  Mommy, what was it like when they cut your tummy to get me out?

Me:  (thinking uh, how do I put this and where is this conversation going)
Well, I didn't actually have my tummy cut.

Caroline:  If they didn't cut you, then how did I get out?

Me: (gulp, here goes)  You actually came out down "there"

Caroline:  You mean out of your "bottom?"  (yes, she still refers to her girl part as her lil' bottom)

Me:  Yep, out of your bottom.

Caroline:  And Andrew too?  (giggles)

Me:  Yep, and Andrew too.  (I begin to wonder what the next question or thought from Caroline will be).

Caroline:  Well, I hope you didn't pee on me!  And I'm glad I wasn't in the room when you had Andrew - You might have pooped on him (explosion of giggles).

I conclude the conversation and use it as a teachable moment (hoping she won't go sharing her new knowledge with all of her friends).  She went on to ask the obvious question, "How in the world does a baby fit out of here (pointing to herself)?"  and, "Will I be able to fit a baby out of me one day?"

I tell her that yes, God specially designed our bodies so that when it is time for us to have a baby, our bodies naturally stretch in all the right places.  This is yet another amazing blessing from God!

She seems happy with my answers and we move on to the next subject and then park and run into Mission Friends.  I on the other hand, walk away from the car thinking, thank you God for providing me with all the right words and for the moment I just got to share with Caroline.  I pray we can always be so open with our communication and that she never hesitates to come to me with her questions.  I just love that lil' girl - even if she does make me giggle (and wiggle just a little on the inside)!

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