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Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Proud Bun Maker and His Masterpiece!

Ben and I attended a couples Sunday School Party on Oct 25th. I had a great time making our costumes (total spent $12). I used one of our moving boxes (which I need to get rid of anyway) and made an oven for me. I then bought an apron and ironed on it, "The Bun Maker" for Ben to wear along w/ a chef's hat. Saturday night was very cool so I was thankful I had my oven to keep me warm! We enjoyed an adult night out, fun w/ friends, s'mores, a LONG hayride (yes, we went on a hayride that drove us on some pretty major Gwinnett Co roads -- we thought we'd never return home), and seeing everyone all dressed up. We are hoping this will become an annual event.

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The Hartzog's said...

That is so funny!! Great costume and what a thrifty oven maker you are :) Love your new blog. You'll have to give me some tips for updating my page. I want a fun background like that.