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Thursday, December 11, 2008

29 weeks and GROWING!

Here I am at 29 weeks. This preganancy has definitely been different from my first (which was pretty uneventful). I am definitely feeling like the "incredible expanding woman" these days! While I don't seem to growing anywhere but in my belly -- my belly does feel HUGE...maybe I just don't remember everything from last time (selective memory) :)

I received the results from my glucose test -- Aced it...whoo-hoo! However, I did fail my iron test miserably and I am now taking a supplement. So perhaps that can be my new excuse for being so tired lately -- instead of, chasing a 2 yr old, taking care of a sick husband with hectic rehearsal (guitar solos galore at church this season) and work schedules, moving while pregnant, decorating for Christmas, and the list goes on!! Just pray that I don't "pop" before the next 11 weeks are up :)

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