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Monday, April 6, 2009

Bottling Time

Why is it that six weeks felt like an eternity when you were waiting for school to let out for summer, Christmas to arrive or your wedding day?

And yet, as I watch Andrew grow, six weeks seem to have just passed me by while I'm left wondering what will I remember of this time I've spent with him.

I hope I remember the first time he stuck his tongue out at me (as I'm sure it will not be the last).
The way he sometimes, even without knowing it, smiles at me as I catch his eye.

His "old man face"...a wrinkly scowl he displays from time to time.

And when he towers over me, will I remember how little he once was?

I hope I will remember all of this and so much more. For I am tucking away little memories of this precious time and instead of fretting over what I cannot capture in a journal, on film or video, I am living each and every moment I have with this little man of mine.

Quick update on Andrew:

He is doing great! At his 1 month visit, he weighed 8lbs 6oz. We did have to take him to a Pediatric Cardiologist for an echo and EKG due to a slight heart murmer...and thankfully, that is all it was a "slight" murmer (no follow-up needed). God has blessed us with a healthy baby boy who by all accounts is doing well. He is very active and is always on the move --diapering and bathing him are challenges as he likes to kick and move so much. His sleep habits are where they should be for 6 weeks anywhere from 7hrs then 3 hrs or two stints of 4-1/2 to 5 hrs at night (I really can't complain). He seems to only cry when he has gas (which is often .... again total BOY!), is tired or hungry. Caroline continues to love "Baby An-rew" and can't wait until he is big enough to play "chase" with her.


The Hartzog's said...

Very sweet Barbara!! Man, it makes me sad that we can't stop time and just take it all in. We've got to juggle these babies growing up with the rest of life, least we know this time how quickly they change. Glad to hear his apnt. went well, I've been meaning to call. Let's get together for a play date soon...Sadie's 2.5 weeks and I think we're ready to play :)

The Bayham Family said...

I love that smile!