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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Top 10 Happenings in May

1. Mom went back to work -- transition was even more successful than we had prayed for. Both kids are adjusting well, and I am happy to be back at work.

2. Andrew turned 3 months old and started babbling more. His smiles and giggles are priceless!
He also has the saddest pouty face ever...but it is soo cute.

3. Caroline was caught on video saying her ABC's while multi-tasking (I think she gets this from me) :)

4. Caroline is still not potty trained (arghhh!), so we are trying to make her more responsible for telling us when she needs to be changed. The other day I asked her how her diaper was. Her reply: My diaper is doing well. Such a courteous child -- Ha!

5. Andrew took his first vacation. We enjoyed spending Memorial Day weekend at the Appling's cabin near Vogel St Park. Andrew did great!

6. Caroline rode on her first horse and buggy ride, and she even got to help drive the horse. She enjoyed talking to Cadillac Jack (the horse).

7. Andrew is becoming our lil' thumbsucker. No matter how many times we place a pacifier in his mouth, he'll eventually push it out and move his hand in.
8. Andrew has a new girlfriend - Marti Antonakos (yep, she'll be happy to marry an Appling)! Sorry Sadie Hartzog, but you were last month's girl.

9. Andrew thinks tummy time = nap time.

10. Caroline has gotten more comfortable with holding Andrew and loves to have him sit on her lap.

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The Hartzog's said...

Too cute!! We need to plan another play date soon...maybe Sadie can make her move and earn her spot back in Andrew's life :) That picture of them in their blankets turned out cute.