The purpose of our family blog is to share our life journey with family and friends. Our family consists of Ben and Barbara (married Dec 2002), Caroline (born Sept 2006), Andrew (born Feb 2009) and Dixie (our dog). We hope that you will enjoy following us and all of our adventures and mishaps!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Who's in my bed?

Caroline's favorite morning activity is waking up and having Mommy walk in carrying Andrew. She always raises up and says, "put Andrew in my pink bed." We then proceed to read stories and sing songs. This is without a doubt the best way to start the day (a memory I will always cherish).

All of these pictures were Caroline's idea. One morning she asked me to go get my camera...of course, I ran to get it and came back w/ the video camera too. I'll have to post the video another time. I thought the silly faces picture was hilarious. Caroline said, "let's make a funny face for the pic-ture An-rew" and Andrew happened to yawn just as I snapped the picture which made it look like he had actually understood what Caroline had asked him to do.

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