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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Andrew at ONE!

EATING – You are like a little birdie when it comes to eating. You open your mouth wide and wait for us to drop the food in. You get aggravated with us if we are not quick enough for you. If we leave the table, you make a mess by reaching to grab whatever was left within reach. You basically don’t stop eating until you are removed from the table :) You are really good at picking up your own food. Some of your favorites include: bananas (but you don’t like the slimy texture and won’t pick them up, you prefer to eat them from the peel – like a big boy), green beans, sliced cheese, you used to love tomatoes – but not so much recently. For breakfast you are still eating the lil’ concoction I developed for you when you were 6 months old (oatmeal, applesauce, whole milk & CINNAMON…warm for 20 seconds – YUM!). By 11-1/2 months you were completely rid of the bottle and now always drink whole milk from a sippy cup.
SLEEPING – You still continue to be a great sleeper. You typically go to bed around 8pm, and you basically sleep until we get you up (8 – 9 a.m.). You never cry out in the morning. One of my favorite sounds is hearing you sucking your first 3 fingers and making happy sounds while you suck your fingers (mmm, mmm, mmm…). This is how I typically know you are awake in the morning. You are NOT like your sister as far as sleep positions go. We never find you in the same position – side, fanny in the air, back, stomach, whatever works! You tend to stay sitting up in the bed when we put you to bed. It’s as though you are contemplating what your sleep position will be for the night :) We have had you sleeping on a boppy pillow for about 4 months now (it was helping with your runny nose), but now we always find you off of the pillow.
WALKING – You started cruising around 10 months and you still love to pull up on everything. Although, you have not yet found the confidence to walk on your own, you are starting to walk holding onto our hand. You still crawl a lot. Sometimes you crawl with great determination (one arm, then the next as hard and fast as you can go). You have made it up to the second step on our stairs, but have not ventured beyond that.
PLAYING – You are enjoying your new birthday toys – trucks and little people are your favorite. You like things that make noise. You love your Thomas the Train ride-on which you received from Santa. You like to get into whatever Caroline is into. We have packed away all of the typical baby toys – excersaucer, bumbo, swing, Johnny jumper, etc. You are our BIG, adventurous boy now!
WHAT’S NEW – You are babbling more and more. You love to clap on command and sometimes clap just for our attention. You are a giggly boy. You learned how to “high 5” about a month back and you like doing it. You love to play peek-a-boo. You are enjoying being read to more and more. You LOVE bathtime and make sure everyone knows it! You squirm and giggle, kick and splash everything in sight!!
MOMMY’S FAVORITES – By far, my favorite thing about you is that you love to cuddle! I love hearing your sounds when you suck your fingers.

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