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Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Reminder to Always Have a Plan (by Caroline)

So yesterday from about 4-5pm was the longest day of my life. Here's what was going on - Caroline doing everything and anything to annoy Andrew, Andrew crying because he was tired but there was no time to nap again before church, Caroline crying because Andrew was crying, Caroline with her nose in the corner, Andrew poking Caroline while she was in the corner, Caroline getting aggrevated with get the picture! Yes, my head was throbbing and I was reminding myself to stay calm and not overreact, to exhibit Christ in how I treat my children and to remember "I am the Mommy not the child!"

Well, things smoothed over after dinner - perhaps everyone was just hungry and acting out because of it. We were trying to get out the door and I had both kids in the car. I told the kids that I had to run back inside really quick to put Dixie in her room. When I got back to the car, this was Caroline's insight on the situation:

"You know Mommy if you had of put Dixie in her room 'before' we came out to the car, you would not have had to run back inside."

My response: "Yes, you are right. I'll have to remember that for next time. Thank you for reminding me." I know she was right, but Arghhh! is what I was thinking in my head. I have trained that girl too well and she really does constantly remind me of my own rules and tidbits of advice. Gotta love a 4 yr old that is so wise :)

Glad I was off to a Parenting class at church that night. I need it!

Got any advice on how to 'parent' preschoolers. What works for you and your family?

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