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Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Little Mini - Me!

I am still trying to figure out how to add blogging into my already hectic schedule. I am hoping to blog more often and use it as a way to record and save memories of our crazy family life. Even if no one reads this blog, I think I will still take a stab at a weekly posting -- sounds easy and doable, but I'm certain it will slip by most weeks.

This week's posting is simply a brief list of some cute things Caroline has said/done lately:

  • While shopping for a gift recently - Me: What do you think we should buy? Caroline: Let's look for sale items first and then we can decide (is she not a mini me or what?)
  • Caroline's new form of interruption is - "I have a question" or "Can I ask a question?" What this really means is, I want to talk and tell you something.
  • At her first day of ballet, the class learned how to leap frog in order to strengthen their muscles. Waiting outside of her class, I hear Caroline ask, "When are we going to really learn how to dance?" (This was said with total sincerity).
  • Caroline has two best friends now, and she loves to talk about "me and my friends."
  • Her bed is filled with just about every stuffed animal she can find. Her comment, "they were lonely and wanted to sleep in her bed."
  • She is already planning her birthday party for next year (perhaps I did outdo myself this year) Ha!
  • She asked if Ben and I remembered how we took her trick-or-treating last year and left Andrew at Gigi's...and then she said, "Can we drop him off there again this year?"

Well, that's all I have time to list for now. I'm sure I'll think of more. That girl is always coming up with something!

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The Bayham Family said...

YAH! I'm glad you're back to your blog again! And my favorite Caroline comment is the one about Halloween! :) I once told my favorite aunt when she came to play with me that I wanted to play hide-and-go-seek . . . and that I wanted to hide Rob in the attic! Of course I don't remember this . . .