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Friday, February 13, 2009

The Incredible Expanding Woman!

It's hard to believe that this pregnancy is quickly approaching the end. At my 38 week appointment, the doctor went ahead and scheduled an induction for Wed, Feb 18th. So...unless Andrew has other plans, we will meet our precious, baby boy next week! The reason for the induction is to put me in a controlled environment to ensure I receive an epidural (which is a definite desire of mine). Since Caroline arrived in just over 5 hours after my water broke, and it is typical that your second child comes quicker, the thought is that I may not have time to get an epidural if Andrew decides to come on his own. Either way, keep checking back in next week as we should have a post announcing Andrew's arrival (hopefully with pictures).

nearly 38 Weeks
36-1/2 Weeks

34 Weeks (above & below) --The belly is taking over me!!

29 Weeks--Christmas

20 Weeks--The day we found out we will be blessed w/ a BOY!

16 Weeks--Old House

9 Weeks -- 1st Ultrasound

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