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Friday, February 27, 2009

Life as a BIG Sister

Well, it has been one week since Caroline "officially" assumed her role as a BIG Sister. She has met or exceeded all of our expectations. She has proven to be quite the protective, BIG Sister. When Ben was helping undress Andrew for a feeding to help wake him up, Caroline ran over and immediately started trying to put his clothes back on and crying, "da-da put his clothes back on, he's not hot, he needs his clothes!" She also likes to always make sure An-rew (as she calls him) has either the toy elephant she gave him or his snuggly bear. If asked if she is a BIG Sister, she responds enthusiastically, "Yeah, I'm An-rew's BIG Sister -- and, He's my baby brudder?"

Caroline just missed getting to meet Andrew the night he was born. She waited about an hour at the hospital before it got to late and she had to go home and go to bed. She worked on several craft projects to welcome Andrew to our family, and she even wore a special BIG Sister shirt in honor of Andrew. Caroline first got to meet Andrew on Thursday. She was very excited to see him and said, "An-rew's not in mommy's belly anymore?" "An-rew is here?"

Although she doesn't quite understand why An-rew can't share her chick'n nuggets, play in her playroom or watch Caillou with her yet...she has come to understand that babies sleep an awful lot! She has even given Andrew her favorite bunny to sleep with and tried out his carseat to ensure it is safe :) Ben and I feel very blessed to have such a sweet daughter who is already fulfilling her role as a BIG Sister by looking after her baby brother.

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